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Welcome to Sax Benefits Group!

Founded in 2007, the name is new but the experience and commitment to excellent customer service have been around for a long time. SBG is a new consulting and administration organization, but our staff has many years of experience with self-funded health plan consulting, administration and underwriting. President and Founder Tom Sax has over 34 years of experience with the brokerage and placement of ancillary coverages. He has served on the executive advisory board for numerous organizations involved in the self-funded and insurance industry including PBMs, PPOs, reinsurance carriers, Data and Medical Management firms.

SBG is a small firm. However, we bring to our clients many years of industry experience. Our philosophy is to provide excellent hands on comprehensive consulting services to our clients. Two of SBG's clients are members of the St. Louis Business Health Coalition and SBG has experience with all of the programs offered by the Health Coalition. We're here to help!

Being a small "hands on" firm also allows us to offer products of the highest quality at the most affordable prices, which help improve your bottom line. Outsourcing services like retiree billing or COBRA Administration allows your HR or Benefits department time to focus on its core functions and reduces your company's overhead. With the changes in Medicare and COBRA legislation, staying current and cost effective can be a daunting task.

At SBG, we specialize in these areas and stay up to date with all the latest changes in the structure of these benefit systems. With our concentrated size and experience we can dynamically adapt our products to stay in line with current changes while saving you money through compliance.

SBG Employee Benefits Management Strategies can help you SAVE!

As a leader in the self insurance industry, SBG has extensive experience with numerous cost containing vendors and is able to utilize this knowledge, understanding of vendors and vendor contacts to provide our clients with best practice information on all aspects of cost containment, claim reduction and wellness initiatives.

As a small firm specializing in custom services for our large clients, SBG individually tailors newsletters or reports to the needs of each client. We scan numerous industry periodicals and information resources to specifically choose news and information which we believe is of interest and benefit to our clients.





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